It’s eco-logical.
Thinking in ecosystems, a new state of the art.  

Let’s talk about the need for collectivism, economy of the many, creative business innovation, the beauty of the arts and the making, about the potential of co-creating and collaborating together, about the need for ecological awareness and solutions … but, are we aware of the potential of the all inherent nature of our environment/s? Are we actually able (and willing) to overcome the status quo, to disrupt norm and to transform? 

Striving after a resilient ecosystem, it’s our endeavour and profound ambition to build resilient futures — we believe that everything is there already, the new is inherent of the now and its past. The materialistic fundaments «culture» and «nature» are the source of value/s, defining the new mechanisms as well as the sustaining co-dependencies that will result.

Everything origins in cultural or natural matter and is highly interconnected. It’s through this hyper culture, our globalized means of knowledge transfer and communication channels, that we can initiate a change of mentality and new state of the art.

Together with deep roots and bright sparkling minds, future matter will be growing in healthy ecosystems. We call it «The Future of Materialism». 

With matter + commerce Astan Konaté & Fosca Tóth are turning ecological visions into a vital humus for future making. 

Connect to bloom! Invest in our future humus!